What Can You Expect From YAFA?
Exceptional Service and Results

What will YAFA do for me?

We focus on a strategy that will get measurable results.  During our initial consultation, we discuss where your business has been, and where you want it to go.   Then we develop a plan of action and options to realize your vision and drive growth.

What makes YAFA different from other firms?

Track Record – Marketing veteran Daniela Weiss has 20+ years of success in brand positioning strategy for B2B, B2C and nonprofits.

Resourceful – Our ability to assemble the best talent for each business situation ensures a custom-fit. 

Creative - Diverse industry experience brings fresh thinking and adaptation of best practices instead of the same-old approach. 

Practical – We treat your business like our own. No frivolous expenses or pie-in-the-sky plans.
Flexible – We develop solutions to fit your organizational culture, budget, and appetite for change and innovation.

Who does the work?

Founder Daniela Weiss will manage your account, and work with you to shape the priorities.  When we need to execute a project with multiple specialists, we identify the best people for the project and manage the team.  Our virtual teams include market

Targeted Development Initiatives Grow Operating Support for NGO

Center for Women's Justice, an NGO specializing in public interest litigation, was in urgent need of expanding its base of donor support.

Our international office worked as their outsourced team and:

Developed strategic direction and initiated research to tap into the 25 most relevant foundations.

In less than 12 months, captured significant foundation support to cover more than 50% of the annual operating budget.
Cultivated relationships with funders, resulting in multi-year grants that stabilized cash flow.
Enhanced relations with existing funders and initiated new approach for small- and mid-level gifts by individuals.
Empowered the organization’s team to raise additional funds by providing templates with content and messaging that is easily customized for proposals and grant requests.

researchers, seo experts, graphic designers, web programmers, media publicists, channel marketers, sales and account representatives, B2G specialists, fundraisers, copywriters, and translators.

How will YAFA work within my business structure?

We’ve probably been in your shoes before. Our core team has broad experience across many industries, from large corporate entities to entrepreneurial companies and nonprofit organizations.  We are discreet and skilled at working with employees as well as vendors and consultants.  Our goal is to make your job easier and deliver excellent results – and give you the credit!

How much will it cost?

We work on a project basis or monthly retainer, and we’ll present the most relevant options for your budget and timeframe.  For example, whether you want to do market research to reposition your offering or you need to optimize your online channels, we will find an effective way to do it. We know that high quality doesn’t have to be expensive, and expensive doesn’t guarantee high-quality.  As a bonus, we don’t charge you for time spent learning your business, and we’re quick to grasp it.

Why should I outsource instead of hiring staff?

Outsourcing to experienced pros lets you jumpstart your marketing program so you can focus on your other priorities. Even when you have a great marketing staff, there can be resource gaps or one-time projects that arise.  Instead of adding more overhead, you can outsource to an expert and gain a fresh perspective in the process, avoiding the “we’ve always done it this way” trap.

Have another question? Please contact us and we’ll be delighted to answer.